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Fountains Abbey

In 2017 our founding director led a team that was commissioned by the National Trust to consider areas of redevelopment at the Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal estate in North Yorkshire.

Over the years the estate had enjoyed much success, however there were significant ways in which the visitor experience needed to be improved. Furthermore, there was clear potential to increase visitor numbers and dwell time.

The initial feasibility study set out a clear vision for the future of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. Several capital works projects and phases of work were identified to fulfil this vision within a clear framework of priorities and costs.

The work has led to several ongoing projects such as the creation of a new visitor reception building at The Studley Royal Entrance. This building will help to spread visitor numbers across the estate as well as improve access and interpretation of the world famous 18th century Water Gardens.

Fountains Abbey 01
Fountains Abbey 01
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