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Windermere Eco Spa

Spa and wellness centre in the Lake District. The centre will have an embedded sustainable approach, with social and environmental health taking centre stage.

The design aims to induce wellness while treading down lightly and forging a deeper connection to nature through immersive and multi-sensory landscape and bathing experiences.

Sustainable land management will celebrate the connection to place and its unique story, anchoring the centre around a historic oak tree and reusing existing materials as elements within a ‘wild’ landscape to nurture biodiversity.

We are planning to undertake an audit of existing materials - both from the buildings and the site - so that we can consider how to reuse all safe materials within the scheme and reduce use of steel and concrete.

We are currently researching lo-tech site solutions such as the use of bedrock instead of concrete foundations and sourcing local materials such as larch, slate and sheep’s wool. Natural breathable low-carbon materials including hempcrete, mycelium, lime and clay plasters will feature, drawing on the skills of local craftspeople.

Emil Eve Windermere Spa
Emil Eve Windermere Spa